Our Story

It all started when we met our freshman year of high school, became close friends and started dating not too long after. It didn't take long before we knew we wanted to get married and dreamed of running a business together and growing old with our cats like a pair of old spinster cat ladies. We know we weren't exactly normal, but who likes normal, anyway, right?

We were married after high school and at 20, I (Lance) got to start my first year of my dream job since that first year of high school, as a certified personal trainer at a local gym franchise and I felt so incredibly lucky to get to help people not only get in shape and better health, but actually gain the same confidence that my own fitness transformation gave me, as well. (read my story in my bio)

Over the first year or so of Lance's fitness training, I (Lauren) noticed that for the first time in life, I no longer felt petite, even though I was still 

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the same 4'11" I had been since 5th grade, when I seemed to have stopped growing and started my dependency upon step stools for life.

In all seriousness, it started to feel embarrassing sometimes being married to a fitness trainer while I was over here struggling with my own lack of fitness and self confidence, but even though I swore I would never be fit or into fitness at the time, not just a few years later, not only was I fitter than I had ever dreamed of being in high school, I had even become a trainer, myself. Who knew?! (read the rest of my story in my bio)

After nearly 10 years of training and owning a boutique personal training studio together where we helped hundreds upon hundreds with fitness transformations, we knew God was leading us to help people with more than just exercise and the basics of nutrition, so we created Joyfully Fit Transformations, although, it had an entirely different name back then.

Today, we get the pleasure of coaching people to lose weight and actually keep it off without dieting or feeling deprived by a rigid lifestyle. We even specialize in helping chronic dieters who struggle to lose weight, even at low calories, due to metabolic adaptation.

Meet The Joyfully Fit Team

With a combined 28 years of health coaching, Lance & Lauren have helped hundreds upon hundreds of people find food freedom and more confidence than ever. Will you be next?

Lance Caron

Lead Health & Mindset Coach

I’m not a jock. I’m not a gym rat. You would've most likely picked me last on your kickball team in elementary school, and for good reason.

Growing up, I was the skinny bookworm with no interest in sports and felt like a total misfit and battled with self confidence and social anxiety. 

I always envied those who seemed so confident and strong naturally. The ones who didn’t overthink every little thing and weren’t afraid of a third of things I was. 

I needed a change in a big way. So, I began my 

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fitness journey and about 6 months into my body transformation, I noticed my self confidence rising and anxiety even dissipated heavily, too. 

I’m not a fitness nut or gym rat. I’m someone who found that changing my physique and mindset changed how I saw myself and how I perceived that others saw me.

That changed my life forever and led me into my path of helping other high achievers just like myself who want to feel more confident in who they are and what they look like instead of just what they do for a living.

This year, I’m committing to motivating more high achievers like me to take actions in the right direction by inspiring them before they become as desperate for a change as I had become.

Is that you?

Lauren Caron

Health & Accountability Coach

I’m not your standard fitness coach, per se. I didn’t grow up on health food and the first few years after Lance and I got married, my diet was still pretty consistent with Taco Bell, Dr. Pepper and no desire to eat food with nutrients.

I Grew up on junk food for 21 years of my life and hated working out. I even swore that I’d never be into fitness of any kind. (I clearly had no ability to see the future, as I’ve been a fitness coach for more than a decade now, which still makes me chuckle a bit)

So, being out of high school and not being as

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active, yet still having crappy food choices, I gained 35 lbs in a short period of time, which might not sound like a lot to some of you who actually have some height, but at 4’11”, my body fat was really unhealthy and I felt more like I was closer to 50 lbs overweight when I looked at the mirror and in photos.

My confidence was a mess, I wanted to hide from everyone and I cried anytime we had an event where I had to wear anything other than sweatpants.

Christmas, 2007 was my breaking point when I had to exchange a pair of jeans that were a gift for several sizes larger. That day, I cried in the dressing room for the last time.

After several months of consistently hitting my workouts and tracking my food, I didn’t even recognize the girl in the first photos anymore because I felt so confident.

My long time fear that I’d need to live strictly like a fitness competitor to have a toned, athletic physique was wildly wrong, thankfully!

I’ve gotten to help create some amazing transformations for many other picky eaters and people who thought they hated working out, just like I used to, and even those who felt like they just didn’t have the discipline they needed to succeed. Are you next?

What Are Clients Saying?

"I got into a funk and soon felt like I wasn't even close to on par with anything in my life. The mental and physical go hand in hand and once my 'physical' fell off, mentally I was toast. Now, I'm under 190 which I haven't been in 17 years. "

Brad K Lost 35+ lbs.

"My confidence has gone through the roof and I’m no longer tired and feeling a state of hunger all the time either.

Lance has helped me reach my 100 pound goal! I also went from a size 22-24 down to a 6 and I feel great!"

Shanna A Lost 100+ lbs.

"Before I met you guys... I tried a ton of things. I did manage to lose weight once but eventually gained it back and when i tried to go on the strict diet again my body was very unhappy. I even talked to nutritionists and couldn't lose weight.

You were my 'try one more thing, then when it doesn't work I can blame it on bad genes'... If i haven't said it enough, thank you. I love the new me and the new life."

Laurie P Lost 50+ lbs

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