We’re Lance & Lauren. We’re the food loving, faith centered fitness coaches that show you how to live a healthy, joyfully fit life with food freedom and zero rigidness.

We Guide High Achievers To Master A Sustainable Fat Loss Lifestyle. Break Free From Rigid Diets, Reset Your Metabolism, and Balance Your Hormones For Lasting Success.

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'Becoming JoyfullyFit' Private Group- Learn Sustainable Fat loss habits that don't suck

Join our Joyfully Fit Private group for a game-changing approach to weight loss—packed with exclusive tips, free offers, and a highly supportive community that makes transformation not just possible, but enjoyable. Unlock your best self with sustainable fat loss strategies and support that actually work, all in a judgment-free zone. 

21 Day Fat Loss Kickstart - Your First Step To a Joyful Transformation

The 21 Day Fat Loss Kickstart is designed for those who are fed up with the empty promises and are ready for a real change. This program is not about quick fixes; it’s about starting a journey that ignites sustainable transformation. Are you ready to leave behind the frustration and start a journey that respects your lifestyle and your goals? The 21 Day Fat Loss Kickstart is your gateway to a transformative experience, one that doesn’t just promise results but delivers a sustainable way of living

Losing Weight After 30: The JoyfullyFit Method

Noticed It's Tougher to Shed Pounds After 30?

Unlock the Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss & Conquering Metabolic Slowdown

Discover How to Transform Your Body After 30: The JoyfullyFit Method

The Diet Decoder - Making Sense of Macros for Sustainable Fat Loss

Ready to escape the diet maze and become a Fat Loss Master?

'Diet Decoder - Making Sense of Macros for Sustainable Fat Loss' is your ultimate guide, packed with 7 game-changing strategies that will transform your approach to fat loss. Say goodbye to diet confusion and hello to a life where you can enjoy your food while losing weight.

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